Climate on Korcula island


Island Korcula and also whole area of south Dalmatia are characterised by a very favourable climate. The temperature in January lies on an isotherm of 7oC and 8oC, in an area with a distinctive mediterranean climate; a mild, mostly moist winter and a dry, hot and sunny summer. 

This area is one of the sunniest parts of the central and northern Mediterranean, characterised by an extremely bright sky with about 2701 sunny hours per year, and a high daily average of 7,35 sunny hours per day. In the summer, it rises even to an average of 11,3 hours, 7,4 hours in the spring, 6,3 hours in the autumn, and 4,2 hours in the winter.

This high rate of sunny weather has an influence on the relatively high yearly and daily temperature of the air. A medium January approximate of 7,8o makes this area the warmest part on the Mediterranean northern coast. On island Kor?ula the temperature very occesionally drops below 0oC; on the other hand, more than a hundred days have a temperature of more than 25oC, and more than fifty days above 30oC. The settlements on the western and southern coast of the island have the hottest climate. So, with some other settlements Karbuni have the hottest climate.

This favourable climate and the flow of warm sea currents have an influence on the high temperature of the sea, with a summer average of 22,6o C, that is, an average yearly approximate of 17,5oC. 

The local and periodical (seasonal) winds also help to maintain a favourable climate. Among them, the most distinct are the local winds "jugo" (south-east wind) and the "bura" (north-east wind), which show up during the entire year, but especially well marked during the winter, when their bioclimatic activity is at it's peak. In the early spring and summer, the most characteristic wind is the Maestral which has important thermoregulation activity, because as it is a sea wind, it brings a favourable coolness.The Maestral is replaced by the night breeze from the north (burin), which cools the overheated dry land. Also in summer blow some other winds: tramontana (northwest), levant (eastern) and lebic (western), but they are less frequent. 

Rainfall on the this area also has Mediterranean characteristics. The wettest mounths are November and December and driest July and August. It amounts to only 809 mm yearly, but it is favourably dispersed, so that the spring and especially the summer is mostly dry, while moderate rains fall in autumn and winter season. Snow is an exceptionally rare phenomenon.

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