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The town of Korcula is the tourist and cultural centre of the island Korcula. It is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the Mediterranean .

The city is situated at the traffic intersection of the island, and it has been attracting travellers and colonists of all times. The antic writers refer to the city as the stone city by the name of Korkyra Melaina, founded by the Greek colonists. Following the Greeks, Illyrians, and Romans, in the 9th century, Croats colonized the island and the city of Korcula, abode and now are the only population of both the city and the island.

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Blato, a town in the interior of the Korcula island about 7 km southeast of Vela Luka Economy of the city is based on farming .Most of it is under vineyards. Blato is the economic centre of the island, located on the regional road Korcula - Vela Luka.

The centre of the town features a nice line of lime-trees, stretching for more than 1 km, providing a unique experience in June, when lime-trees are blossoming.

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This typical old village of vine growes with about 700 inhabitants lies on the main island road 25 km from the  Korcula city . A special species of grape grows here, called " posip". The village has a wine cellar where a widely known wine of that name is made.The village has a mysterious name Cara - Charm and is one of the oldest settlements of the Island.

Next to she church, there is a neither old cypress which is protected under Croatian laws for the preservation of nature, though ir is not protected from thunderstorms which reduced it to only a remnant of a big tree.

Under the leadership of Petar Crnomir, they offered resistance to the Venetian duke, who was extorting tribute in the 11th century. The duke captured and executed Petar, but the brothers and the whole village rose up, defeated the duke's soldiers and killed the duke as an evil-doer. This legend has survived for centuries and lives still in the minds of peasants from Cara. The Church of Our Lady in the Field lies in the beautiful Field of Cara on the way to the bay of Zavalatica. It was built in 1329 and reconstructed in the 17th century.


This small municipality has just over 1,000 inhabitants, and it is on the island road situated about 29 km from the Korcula city .The town of Smokvica lies on the widest part of the island and this is the spot where the landscape happens to be the most diverse .

Smokvica is sheltered from the north winds by several rocky cliffs stretching from the east to the west and it is open towards the south along with the sun and the sea; therefore the winters are unusually mild and warm.In the district of Smokvica the largest fields. It also abounds with forests,  meadows and grazing land.Throughout the centuries the people of the island of Kor?ula were involved in agriculture, particularly in wine growing. 

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